The Mindy Project Review: Mindy Dates A Dud

Mindy reenters the dating world with one all-too-eager beau on this week’s new Mindy Project. Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead) guest stars as her new boyfriend who takes their relationship on the fast track before she has to put a stop to it all.

The warning signs of her new relationship didn’t start flashing in Mindy’s and her coworker’s eyes until the third date. Inviting someone so new in your life to be your wedding date is one thing, but if that wedding is your brother’s and you’re introducing your significant other to your entire family, well that’s even worse. Bryant seemed like a nice enough guy to Mindy when he let her eat all the chicken wings at a sports bar on their first date but making sure a photo of them from the cocktail hour was included in his brother’s wedding slideshow was too much.

Mindy relays all this and more to her coworkers and there’s a few notable reactions. Tamra could not care less what was going on with Mindy and Bryant until the wedding date happened. Then she immediately got to work with googling the guy and found out his dirty little secret: he was engaged only 2 months ago. Now everything he’s done with Mindy makes sense. She can’t help that he’s still so helplessly in love with his ex, and honestly she has enough on her plate it’s not worth waiting for him to possibly never change his mind. There wasn’t much of a spark between the two of them anyway.

Now we must discuss Jody. He’s grown close enough to Mindy over the last few months working together that I’d consider them friends. With her Bryant problems, he was especially vocal to offer advice in the unofficial office meetings in the break room. It wasn’t until she ended things with Bryant and innocently walked Jody home to his five-star apartment building (of which he owns an entire floor!) that Mindy started getting a weird vibe from him. She was simply marveling at his building when he joked she should stay the night in one of the guest rooms, of course. Only thing is, he got a little too nervous after that. She turned to walk away with the most confused face as she no doubt starts to wonder what this could possibly mean.

The pros and cons of Mindy and Jody potentially becoming a couple are long and complicated. Pros: they’re already friends, they know each other’s worst habits and traits and still like each other despite them. Cons: she’s probably not over Danny forever and knows this would be a bad idea in the long run. I’m so interested to see how Mindy deals with Jody’s apparent interest in her. It’s not like she can talk to him and the rest of the office like she’s so comfortable doing with any other problem, romantic or otherwise.

Morgan and Collette’s housewarming party was the perfect way to tie all the storylines together. It was incredibly creepy how Bryant showed up at the apartment hours before Mindy, when she didn’t even expect him to be there at all. No way, dude. Any excuse to bring Morgan’s 30+ dogs back works for me though. I love how they have their own room in the apartment!

Another Danny-less episode, yes, but his presence lately has been more aggravating than anything. Unless and until Danny’s ready to make some attitude adjustments and fix his relationship with Mindy, I actually don’t miss him. Mindy has her support system of friends and Morgan brings the laughs as usual. All in all, I’d say it was a great episode.

What do you think about the possibility of a Mindy/Jody relationship?