General Hospital Spoilers: Will Sam’s Nightmare Come True?

On General Hospital’s all new episode on Wednesday, it appears that Sam is upset. What happened to make her feel this way and to make her seem that she cannot relax is a nightmare. It might have just been in her subconscious imagination, but whatever she had a dream about was bad enough to have her shaken straight to the core, upset and unhappy. She’s not handling it well, and we think we might see that her dream was something pretty bad. Will she act on it, or will she let it go and hope to move on from her nightmare with as little issue as possible? We are not positive, but Sam is not having a good day on Wednesday.

Additionally, we are going to see that Laura finally puts the pieces of Helena’s will inheritance together. She’s been searching for answers to what it is she inherited since the reading of the will Helena left behind weeks ago. Helena is a master manipulator, and she left behind something she knew would upset Laura and she worked very hard to ensure that Laura will not be able to find the answers she is looking for as quickly as she needs to. However, it does seem that Laura has been able to find some answers of her own now and she’s looking to face them straight on today. What is it that she will find? Will her questions go unanswered or will she find precisely what it is she wants to find?

We know that Sonny is having some issues with some of the people in his life, and we know that this will not change in the near future. However, it does appear that things are back in his court after they looked like they might be getting a bit more out of control that he might like for a while. It’s time for him to learn some lessons, but he won’t. We will also see that Sabrina is on the forefront of Michael and Felix’s minds when they team up to look for her, worried about what might have happened to her since the last time they saw her.