Carrie Underwood Baby No. 2

How many times have people asked Carrie Underwood about when she’s going to have another baby? A lot.

And did that stop Extra from asking her about it anyway? No.

When Extra did pose the question to Underwood recently, she just kind of responded that that isn’t really up to her.

“We’re not in control, you know, of things like that,” Underwood said.

Besides, things are kind of perfect just the way they are, with Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher and their two-year-old son Isaiah.

“Our son is absolutely amazing. He’s such a sweet guy, and we have a wonderful little family,” she said.

She also gave a shout-out to endorphins — the chemicals your body releases during exercise that act as a pain reliever and a sedative, also known as the Runner’s High — for making her so good at being a mom.

“Endorphins are real. They’re important. I feel like I’m a better mom/wife/friend when I’ve pushed my body and sweat a little bit,” she said.