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Madam Secretary S2 Finale Review: Elizabeth almost got fired and Dmitri comes home

Well, there you have it. The second season of Madam Secretary had come to an end. I was expecting to be a shocking end where Elizabeth gets fired and would have to do whatever it took to get her job back in season three. I never expected it to be a promotion of sorts when President Dalton said that he wants Elizabeth to be his Vice President. The other biggest shock, aside from the jumping to conclusions firing of Elizabeth, is the engagement of Stevie and Jareth. I was a bit surprised that the eldest McCord would accept Jareth’s proposal so quickly, but she was being proposed to in a restaurant with hundreds of eyes watching so she must’ve felt pressured into saying “yes.” Fortunately, Stevie, after some wise words from Henry, was able to come to her senses and convince Jareth to wait a while before they decide to tie the knot. In light of this, I just want to say, gentlemen, let that be a lesson to you all should you ever plan on proposing marriage to your significant others. D

The Players of Game of Thrones Challenge Tradition in a Terrific Hour

With Bran’s visions, Dany’s power check, and Tommen’s lessons from the High Sparrow, “Oathbreaker” is an hour of learning for the many character of Game of Thrones, an episode steeped in the history, both known and unknown, of the world of Westeros. In the process, it accomplishes two important things in rather elegant fashion, returning the show to some of its core examinations of faith and tradition of earlier seasons with some wonderfully rich material, and consolidating its world even further than the first two episodes did, bringing characters like Osha and Rickon back into the fold, while saying farewell to the would-be usurpers of the Night’s Watch. Naturally, the episode begins where last week’s ended, where Jon Snow has some awful news for the many faithful of Westeros, revealing that after he died, he experienced a whole lot of nothing wherever he went. A quiet, powerful scene reveling in the silence between Davos and Jon, the opening images of “Oathbreaker” establish the

Silicon Valley Review: Go Around The CEO?

Silicon Valley does a lot of things well. The cringe-inducing moments that happen each episode only happen because you care about the main characters so much. If you didn’t care what happened to Richard, Jared, Dinesh, Gilfoyle, and yes, even Erlich, you wouldn’t be inclined to cringe when they get themselves into a another mess. But, they do it all the same, and you cringe all the same. But at least it’s extremely hilarious on the way there. This week on Silicon Valley: Jack remains hell-bent on the box platform, causing Gilfoyle to begin looking for work elsewhere. As a part of that process, Gilfoyle finds out that EndFrame has their complete formula. He also receives a bunch of courting gifts from companies. Dinesh buys himself some jewelry. Erlich offers to speak to Jack on their behalf. Richard goes over Jack’s head to Laurie, which creates more problems than it solves. The guys to decide to build the platform anyway, which results in a devastating moment. As complicated a