Scorpion Review: Team Scorpion stops a potential Chernobyl sequel

Not to bring up the whole Doomsday thing, but in this week’s episode of Scorpion, the team will encounter their first nuclear explosion since the first Chernobyl if they can’t stop a decaying nuclear reactor from imploding. Wonder how many minutes the Doomsday Clock is going to move up should this happen in real life?

When the plane crash landed into the nuclear reactor building, I literally held my breath as I waited for the dust to clear. I know that Sylvester, Paige and Oksana were alright, but that crash landing made my heart beat a bit faster. I hoped that they would be getting out after some of the rubble has been removed, I guess it was not to be as Paige remained stuck inside after Sylvester and Oksana have been rescued. I held my breath yet again when Walter and Paige jumped off the building using an extension cable and a concrete chunk as weight to lessen the impact of the landing.

My Waige dreams almost came true in this episode during the scene where Paige shared her oxygen with Walter through a quick lip-lock. The almost being what happened toward the end of the episode. Happy talked some sense into the “I want to keep things professional” genius by convincing him to ask Paige to go to a jazz concert with him, yet Fate is not on Walter O’Brien’s side as Paige received a phone call from Tim. Way to kill the moment, Mr. Armstrong! I would also like to know what the flavour of each chocolate is in the box of chocolates that Tim sent Paige. I love chocolate as long as it’s not overly sweet to the point where I need to wash it down with some milk.

I enjoyed the moment where Agent Gallo threatened to pour his fish shake (as Paige called it) on Toby’s head if the shrink doesn’t save him a slice of pizza. Toby then gave the Homeland agent the entire box to avoid being doused in the foul-tasting drink. Never mess with Agent Gallo when he makes threats. It’s best to give the man what he wants.

The episode’s ending shocked me the most as the show reaches its second season finale.Toby takes Walter’s car, that the shrink dubbed the “company car”, to meet up with the man who made Happy’s engagement ring at the parking garage, to which it looked like something stuck on top of a nut, and ends up being knocked out by none other than Mark Collins. Wonder what he wants with Toby? I have a feeling that the season finale is going to be, dare I say it, legen…wait for it…dary!

Photo via CBS