The Ten Stages Of Dating - Bollywood Style!

We all have been in love, haven’t we? Right from the sweet and first date, right till the maddening, crazy heartbreak; we’ve experienced it all. So here’s a little post on the various stages of dating, wonderfully summed up by none other than your favorite Bollywood celebrities. Go on, we promise you’ll relate!
1) Love at first sight – Well, there’s always that one time when you take one look at that dreamy person walking in front of you and go-
2) When your friends start guessing something’s different – Well, you just can’t hide something from your closest ones, can you? They start asking, then they start guessing; finally, they leave you a little like this-
3) Start dropping hints – After a while, you just can’t resist. So subtle, coy eye contact; followed by a little romantic serenading. Who doesn’t like that?
4) The Proposal – There, you take the big step. You go down on one knee, pull out that special bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates; and you ask her out. Cuteness overload!
5) The lovey-dovey mush – The first few months are bliss, and you just can’t take your eyes off each other. Whispering sweet nothings, doing the little things – it can’t get any better than this!
6)  Reality Check – Once the charms have worn off, the little cracks start emerging. A few fights here and there, and you know the honeymoon period is done and dusted for good. 
7)  Confusion and Chaos – Before you know it, things are going haywire. Everything’s all over the place; what is happening??
8)  Kill Me Now – After a while, it just gets plain suffocating. Maybe its best to kill yourself now.
9) The Breakup Text – It finally happens. She’s sent you that fateful message- “it isn’t working”, “it’s not you, it’s me” yada yada. You’re still very shocked to read it though.
10)  Back To Square One – So you’re single again. Some friends are telling you to patch up, some are telling you to stay single and then there are some telling you to get into a relationship. We know how you feel!